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temp teaser preview by keyboarders & Loonies [web]

Oops, it seems we made a 4k for Kindergarden 2009. It has the
descriptive name

temp teaser preview

and was brought to you by

Keyboarders and Loonies (see the intro for appropriate misspellings)

Blueberry: Provider of tools
Spookysys: User of visual tool
Loaderror: User of musical tool
Quisten:   Visionary sidekick

This intro was coded on an old laptop that could not display the

The music was composed on a netbook with insufficient CPU power to
play the music. The music is replayed by a buggy synth.

The code is a pick-and-choose mixture of the Haumea and Solskool

The project was tentatively dropped due to desire for partying, but
then revived a few hours after the deadline.

We didn't even bother to remove whitespace from the shader.

But we managed to delay the compo anyway.

First place? We'll blame that on the sync...
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