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Coffee by Rustbloom

A rustbloom production

Made with Processing, OpenGL and all this on Java!
Demo's resolution is 800x600 if you wish to run real full screen.
Machine requirements: Java environment, OpenGL 2.0 with GLSL supporting video card and some gigabyte of memory.

Code - st Rana
Additional code - tonic and spector
Graphics - Tero and st Rana
Music - Ghost Monkey

Check out these URLs:

"Eeehehe, my first coded demo ever, zomg!!11!1!" - st Rana
"I don't want anyone to think I code for fun." - spector
"Scale it with some small number, not that small!" - tonic
"I could make some strange tinkling for you effects..." - Ghost Monkey
"rustbloom is just almost such a cool name that I could consider come-back to scene." - Tero
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