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8 Bit Snail by SVO [web]


            B I T
          S N A I L


A fast intro for Vector-06C
      home computer. 
  Released by svo in 2009 
at Chaos Constructions party 
 in St.Petersburg, Russia

4th place in ZX/Oldkool compo


Code/Graphics: svo

PT2 player by S.E.S.

DeEXO code by ivagor (Ivan Gorodetsky)

     Flash In Paradise/Prog Master 
     Thanks for the tune!

Release notes:

This intro is a research into unknown or unexploited 
capabilities of V06C hardware. At the time of writing 
this note I could not test it on the original HW. 
It's only tested on the FPGA replica of Vector-06c.
No emulator can run it properly at the time of release,
better stick to watching the video. Should this be ran
on real HW, a ramdisk is necessary and the music is
played on external AY module.

Vector-06c has no display lists, no text mode and no 
sprites. All it has is a fairly large video buffer 
consisting of 4 bit planes, programmable palette and one
raster interrupt.

It's possible to do raster effects, but they occupy a lot
of processor time because there's only one fixed interrupt
that occurs at the end of visible frame. Basically 
it means that if you do rasters, there's little to no 
time to do anything else at all. But still there's time ;)

I hope you enjoyed the show and maybe we'll see more 
releases for this rare platform in the future.

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