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Crinkfix by Aardbei [web]

Crinkfix by snq/aardbei

So here's a small tool that works around a problem that crinkler has with windows 7.
It doesn't work for all intros, I'm not sure what that depends on, I assume there is
more than one incompatibility with win7?
Atrium gives an error "d3d9" which might be a hint? I don't know..
It does work with eg Ixaleno.

Usage then, the simplest way is to just drag the intro exe onto crinkfix.exe.
Or if you are oldschool and use cmd, "crinkfix whatever.exe"

What crinkfix does is make sure that crinkler gets the correct kernel32 base address.
It does that by injecting some code into the process that reorganizes the PEB module
data to make sure the base address for kernel32.dll is the position where crinkler
expects it to be. This is done at runtime and the executable won't be modified.

Well like I said it doesn't work for all intros so don't expect too much. But I
figured it's better than nothing for now :)

Feedback/suggestions are welcome at n111co@spam.com, replace spam with hotmail.
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