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the message from the cosmic brothers by Complex [web]

                      The Message From The Cosmic Brothers

Ambient video demo released by Complex in August 1994.  This demo competed
at Assembly '94 but we have no idea of it's success, organizers spreaded
results having only TOP 5 of demo compo!  We also suffered from the
organizers fearsome action against evil demos...

Requires:       386, Local Bus VGA preferred
                250kB base memory
                2500kB of XMS memory (please use HIMEM.SYS)
                No V86 mode memory managers allowed.
                Gravis Ultrasound with 512k memory for music.

Please do not watch this demo without music, it is meant to be an ambient
experience and does not give you anything without music.  Or do you often
watch MTV without sound?

                Code by JMAGIC (email: jmagic@freenet.hut.fi)

                Music by JUGI (email: jusaka@jyu.fi)

Including this demo to any CD-ROM without written permission from us is
strictly forbidden.

Sure, we accept donations.  Hit us with email for details.

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