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Glitch Bitch by Ananasmurska [web]

Ananasmurska - Glitch Bitch at Breakpoint 2009 "Everything is under control"

This production has been in our minds for too long time.
We finaly got it made. We lost one hard drive on making 
of this. 

Specifications for intro:
 After been awake five or six days I suddenly realize that
 my mind is not working correctly anymore. I only have some
 weird images in my mind from some mytical girl. I haven't 
 ate anything for days. That is at least what I remember. 
 I have drank a lot, that I remember. Too much beer and 
 something made from rice and some weird animal which I got from 
 fishy chinese smugglers. I don't want to know where I have been.
 I have this weird like electric shocks going in my brain. 
 It is affecting to my vision. I'm not sure what is real and
 what is my imagination. These glitches are getting worse all 
 the time. 

Random rechnical note:
 - Uses OpenGL and Shader model 3.0. Works at least in Windows XP 
 - Face contains 800 lightmapped vertices. 
Code, music, desing : blueflame
Model, design: Felor

A N A N A S M U R S K A - 2009
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