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Twither by Arkos [web]

                                 Arkos presents
                       a 256 bytes intro at Forever 2009
                        Coded by Grim/Arkos^Semilanceata

               The intro will run on 64Kb+ RAM Amstrad CPC/Plus.

            Two executables are provided, if one fail then it's most
            likely a CRTC timing problem.   Try again with the other
            executable. If it fail too...  you own a CPC with a CRTC
            type 2, kthxbye.

            The source-code should be available at www.grimware.org

             The 256 bytes twister contest is over, Amstrad wins :)

_______________________________ Colors tweaking ________________________________

            If you wanna play with the color-palette, read this.

            Disable the set ink in the intro:
             MEMORY &9FFF:LOAD"TWITHER.BIN":POKE &A013,0:poke &A014,0

            Choose your favorite flashy colors:
             BORDER <0-26>:INK 0,<0-26>:INK 1,<0-16>

            Call the intro manually
             MODE 2:CALL&A008
            Hello to the Forever|Next team, Chiourne, Shinra, Ukonx.
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