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WelcomeToAtmos by Geffers [web]

Name: Welcome to the Oric Atmos
Date: 1984
Machine: Oric ATMOS

Author: Geoff Phillips (Geffers)
Music: Public domain classical stuff arranged by
  J. Hibbins
Graphics: Carolyn Groeneveld (Bird Animation)
Other stuff: Paul Kaufman and F. Woodcock

This demo should be run on an Oric, or using an
Oric Emulator (I advice you to use Euphoric made
by Fabrice Frances).

The demo was made by Geffers for Tansoft Ltd, as a
demonstration tape rolling in the shops in order
to help selling the machine. Geffers is also the
one that made the demo tape for the Oric 1, and is
responsible of some of the greatest oric games, as
well as some nice books and other small demoes.
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