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State: Jelly by Fuck The System

                             ÜÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜÜ
                             ÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛÛÛÛ
                             ÛÛÛÜÜÜ   ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÜÜÜ
                             ÛÛÛßßß   ÛÛÛ   ßßßÛÛÛ
                             ßßß      ßßß   ßßßßßß
                           ú   F   ú   T   ú   S   ú
                           ÄÄ-Ä- STATE: Jelly -Ä-ÄÄ
                          Release date: 2nd April 1996

         Howdy, this is the NFO for STATE: Jelly, a demo created by
         FTS in 1996. This demo was made to compete in the OZ'96
         demo party held in Sydney, Australia, and was placed 4th by
         the interesting voting system. ;) This final release has some
         improvements on the party version, but mainly just the fact
         that the end credz scroller now exists. The other things were
         speed compensation and the odd bug & unfinished thing.

         Yeah, yeah, I know that OZ'96 was held over 2 months ago, but
         it's better late than never, right? :)


                                Phorte - musak
                                Spoony - font
                              Red Haze - code & art


         You can't run State: Jelly under Windows 3.x and probably 95,
         thanks to Midas killing both of them. I have no idea what
         will happen under OS/2, but you could give it a try. This
         demo should work on any bootup config, as long as there is
         about 500k free conventional memory, and 500k free EMS. You
         NEED EMS, so you'll need emm386 or qemm or some other memory

         The minimum config to run this demo is a 386 with the above
         stated memory available, but it would be so slow... It was
         really written for the DX4-100 party machine (which,
         incidentally, was replaced by a DX2-66 for the compo), so it
         should be nice when run on that. One thing to bear in mind is
         that Midas will default to 44.1kHz, 16bit sound if it detects
         a SB16 (or compatible) even if you have a nasty old 386! So
         keep your eyes open while you're starting the demo up...


         STATE: Jelly was coded in Borland C++ 3.1 with lots of inline
         assembler. Who knows how many lines of source there is? And
         who cares anyway? It plays for 8:20 if you let it show all
         the greetz at the end. If you're impatient and can't stand
         greetz, don't read the rest of this document - go do
         something useful... Such as watch this demo - it will only go
         for 3 minutes if you don't want greetz.

         Oh yeah, [ESC] quits the demo at any time. Well, that is if
         it hasn't crashed. (not that it will crash much.)


         Manladas Zarich, Goblin, Black Artist, Ozone, Clef, Jestyr,
         Squirt, Da Schemer, Pheon, Griffin, Pulse, Anubis, iCEWATER,
         Magenta Man, Dark Fiber, Psycho, Chowderhead, Old Cheese,
         Taint, Audra, Pinky, Fingers, CueBall, The Walker, Hunz,
         Perception, Yannis, Chuck Biscuits, Jedi, H.R. Being, Wizard,

                              .How to contact FTS.

         ù[ù Red Haze..............redhaze@student.adelaide.edu.au ù]ù

         ù[ù Spoony.................spoonman@tolstoi.saccii.net.au ù]ù

         ù[ù Da Schemer.................shahin@ist.flinders.edu.au ù]ù

         All other members can be mailed to on Room IoI (+618-294-2774)
         or via Bloodnet to the destination @34:618/1.

                            .Where to get our stuff.

         Room IoI (number as above) is the best place at the moment to
         find our releases, but we will have a new HQ board up soon.

                                   .Coven 96.

         FTS is joining with Priests of Power to give you Australia's
         biggest ever PC demo party, and you can find the latest info
         by calling Room IoI, or looking on the official Coven 96 home
         page: http://student.adelaide.edu.au/~ed

         Coven 96 will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, in mid-
         July. I could tell you more about it here, but you can get
         more detailed info on Room IoI, the WWW page, or in articles
         we will put in DemoNews. We all hope to see you there, with
         all the other 150-200 ppl.

                                 .Finishing off.

         Have fun watching STATE: Jelly, and I'll cya in later FTS
         productions, such as Paranoia #2 (our diskmag) and hopefully
         a demo for Coven 96.

         -Red Haze/FTS-
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