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fr-minus-04: PlanQuadrat by Farbrausch [web]

four words:


oh, and it's probably slow as hell or doesn't even work.
like i cared or something. haha.

ryg @ woest2k2

additional remark after the party:
was done in about 3 hours just for the sake of having fun,
doing something with that GREAT tune of ronny, and having
something for the pc demo competition (after my involvement
with exoticorns gba demo was quite low, mostly due to my lack
of knowledge and experience concerning the hardware :)

anyway, it was fun, and that's what demos are about, ain't they?
atleast, thanks for the voters who voted it for the last place
it deserved (and i'm gonna kill the one who voted it if i'm gonna
find him! :) - unlike TP. where it probably would've scored. ouch.

anyway, have fun - (and yes, it exits, but it runs for about 7
minutes :)

oh, and like
50% of all effects (grid) done by crash
all other effects (plasma wobbler) done by kb
tune by rp/rohformat
sync by me (ryg)
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