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Life on a grid by Amiga Demoscene Archive

Ada presents a small borntro called "Life on a grid", released at Grep White, 26-28 december 2008.
Code and graphics: z5
Music: Esau/Traktor
Additional credits: c2p by Kalms, Modplayer by Jarno Paananen,
crunched with execruncher2 by Blueberry.

About the intro:
It's small miracle that this has finally found it's way to the outside world. I quitted working on it about 
100 times but when i saw the Grep White announcement, i decided to give it one more go. My very old dream 
of doing a production just didn't want to go away. I feel relieved now. I can live in peace :) Hurraayyy!

The intro is synchronised to the music but to be honest, i don't thrust my code one bit so i hope that the 
timing doesn't fuck up when playing on your system (in which case the intro looses much of it's sense and 
appeal). It seems to be slightly out of sync on some Winuae setups compared to a real Amiga. I would be 
interested to learn the reason behind that :) (and maybe patch it). Anyhow, it was tested on an 68030, 
68060 and winuae (turn off cycle exact emulation) and needs AGA. And yes, i know that this could easily 
have been done on a Amiga 500. Then again, i'm the first one to admit that my coding skills are 
"somewhat lacking" (cough cough). Other than that, the intro is supposed to have curved borders but some 
scandoublers don't support border blank so it will look weird.

I had lot's more ideas but if there's one thing i have learned so far, it's that there is a big gap between 
an idea in your head and translating that idea in assembler. I guess my parents forget to add an extra 
processor in my brain. In any case, having watched so many demos in my life, it was fascinating to be at 
the other side for once and go through the whole development process. My respect for demosceners is even
 bigger now than it already was.

Special thanks to:
Bonkers: for the support
Esau: for support and the tune
Kalms: for having patience to help out even the crappiest beginners
Everyone at the ada forums for coding advice and friendly and interesting discussions.
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