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TT-Highres by The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation [web]


 hi everyone,

this is ray typing. since i didn't have any ATARI related releases this year
which i thought is a pitty i decided to make up a little slideshow for the
TT030 featuring some specific interlacing-mode i made up a while ago which
is capable of displaying 1280x480 pixels and 32 colors per scanline (at a
flickering 30Hz refresh rate as a natural drawback).
the minimal configuration to run the program is a TT030 (32Mhz) 4+4MB ram and
a VGA-monitor, of course.
the timing is quite critical so don't expect it to run on old daughterboard
(16 Mhz??) TTs, or with the cache turned of.
the pictures shown are not particularly christmas/new year's related or any-
thing just some random stuff collected via google's image-search, so i hope
i won't get sued by anyone :).
the demo also features a 50Khz stereo sample-loop lasting roughly 20 seconds
and which is taken from omar rodriguez' album "calibration" (the song is
called "las agrimas de arakuine") - some _incredible_ drumming by thomas
pridgen on that track... go check it out in case you're interested.
a little VU-meter is displayed in the lower screen area as well so i didn't
have any CPU-time left for a scroller - at least unless i would have used
some much more complicated code. so no scroller this time... sorry.
you can exit the slideshow hitting space as usual.
each image is lz77-packed, but nonetheless the executeable takes about 3Mb
of diskspace. if you don't have the possibility to transfer files of this
size to your machine don't even bother (ghostlink is a bad idea i assume),
otherwise enjoy.

best regards and greetings to all "my" sceners,
ray//.tSCc. (dec. 2008)

if you have any questions/comments or whatever feel free to contact me via

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