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Alt '08 movie - Steamy Punks!

                /=== Alt Party '08 - Steamy Punks ===/

Here's an assorted cobbling together of my Alt Party '08 mobycam footage into a unified whole, to give a damn fine taster of the whole party experience.

The usual disclaimers for shonky shaky footage, and generally terrible picture quality but massively atmospheric subject matter, apply in full force here...

Stuff I'd wish I'd taken. - Some footage of Desert Planet. They rocked, but I'd played back my Front 242 footage, and had given up on the idea of concert excerpts, due to the nasty sound quality.

- Also some sauna After-Party footage of Felice getting drunk, purely on the principle of "Picture or it didn't happen!"

Stuff I'm glad I didn't take! - The competition viewings!!

CiH- Dec 20th, '08.
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