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luftvarg by Outbreak [web]


zantac : music
 quarn : code, idea, putting it all together :)

the first dreamcast (console?) 4k?

thanks to all the people writing code and documentation about
the dreamcast so that this production was possible to do.
i am especially thinking of

        Marcus Comstedt
           Mikael Kalms
            Lars Olsson
             Dan Potter
some fun facts about the intro (these are all uncompressed sizes):
	269 098 - bytesize of the song (xm-version)
	  3 589 - bytesize of the song (xm-version with no samples)
	    829 - bytesize of the song (after converting it to my own optimized format)
	  1 580 - bytesize of musicplayer (arm-code, .bin-format) 
	  2 012 - bytesize of dreamcastinit, effect, and samplegenerator (sh4-code, .bin-format)
	    204 - bytesize of decompression + basic dreamcastinit (sh4-code, .bin-format)
	  4 680 - bytesize of the intro before compression (sh4-code, .bin-format)
	  4 064 - bytesize of the intro (compressed) + decompressionroutine (sh4-code, .bin-format)

      noice - obscure - cryonics - nano
 comic bakery - aforic inc - www.planetzeus.net
     bypass - medieval - deus ex machina

.quarn/outbreak - quarn@home.se - http://www.outbreak.nu
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