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KARAT3D+ by Byterapers [web]

KARAT3D+ - (C) 2008-2009 Byterapers, Inc.
Version v1.10 (releaed 2009-02-21)

KARAT3D+ demo was originally released at the Altertnative Party 2008 
dynamic demo competition held in Helsinki, Finland, 25.10.2008. 
KARAT3D+ won the competition. This is the bug fixed version with 
support for ATI video cards and Linux operating system.

KARAT3D+ rusn in an endless loop with random variations after the 
scripted intro part. The demo is our tribute to the legendary C64 
home computer and the International Karate+ (IK+) game. The original 
game was developed by Archer Maclean and the kick-ass soundtrack 
was composed by Rob Hubbard.

Code, Gfx, Design - Saku 'Suckho' Tiainen
3D, Gfx, Design - Antti 'Dice' Miettinen
Music (IK+ remix) - Panu 'Firestorm' Aaltio


Run the demo from command line or by .bat/.sh script file. Configure
your own resolutions and setups to your script files.

Help and usage:
-? -help       Print this help text and exit.

User interface (define only one):
-win_glut      Enable windowed mode with GLUT (default).
-win_sdl       Enable windowed mode with SDL.
-full          Enable fullscreen mode with SDL.

Window parameters:
-res WxH       Window resolution (default: W:1280x720/F:current).
-vsync         Enable vertical sync (works only with SDL).

Sound parameters:
-volume X      Sets master volume in range [0..100]. (Default=80).


m - change scene
r,t - change time scale in water scene
u - user camera
c - change camera
k - randomize karatekas
w,a,s,d - move user camera
mouse - rotate user camera
1 - toggle SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion)
2 - toggle shadows
8 - toggle debug buffers
9 - toggle debug lines
0 - toggle debug info


Developed on Intel Core2Duo PC with NVidia 8800 GTS running on 
Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Debugged for ATI on Radeon 2400 HD.

Requires a modern GPU with at least OpenGL 2.0 support. At least
NVidia 8600, ATI 2400 HD, or better recommended. May run also on 
older hardware, but be prepared to have some slow downs and shader

If you suffer from low frame rate, try lower resolution by staring
demo with -res option. You can also disable SSAO and/or shadows 
while running by '1' and '2' keys.

(I also had plans to make Mac OS X port and I even got the demo 
running on a Mac Book Pro with some NVidia 8600 GPU, but there were 
too many issues with the performance and shader compatibility so I 
gave up. Sorry, all you Apple fan boys.)


KARAT3D+ uses the following libraries:

FMOD Sound System v3.75 - (C) Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2009

SDL v1.2.13 - Simple DirectMedia Layer 

GLEW v1.5.0 - The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

GLUT v3.7 - The OpenGL Utility Toolkit

TinyXML v2.5.3 - A small and simple XML parser library

LibPNG - Loading PNG images.

LibJPEG - Loading JPEG images.

Alt Party demo compo fuckup:

There have been some fuss around the Alt Party competition results. 
In the prize ceremony KARAT3D+ was announced as winner in both main 
compos, but in the final results only in Dynamic demo. Here is some 
explanation about the hassle around the results.

According to the compo rules, all dynamic demos would take part both 
in the Dynamic demo compo, and the main event, Alternative demo compo.
KARAT3D+ attended both compos and was announced as a winner in both 
at the prize ceremony. We got all the hardware prizes and some cash
was about to be payed to our accounts "soon".

After the party, organizers noticed that they had fucked up the whole 
voting and none of Dynamic demos had actually taken part in the 
Alternative demo compo at all! Other demo called Doctor by Trilobit 
was anounced as the winner of the Alternative demo compo. KARAT3D+ 
still held it's first position in the Dynamic demo compo.

Since all dynamic demos were registered to the voting system 
incorrectly, there was way to get the correct voting result in the 
main demo compo afterwards. No one will ever know how the compo would 
have really ended. All honor to Visy and Trilobit, but we had 
probably won that compo too :)

Anyway, now few months after the party (and after Dice's ultimatum to 
AltParty org), we have a promise from organizers that we will be paid 
all the prize money we deserve. Also, Visy got his money so everyone 
should be happy...?

Thanks to the AltParty organizers for handling this correctly.

End of the story, better luck next time.

Contacts and links:

Code, bug reports, tech stuff:
  Saku Tiainen (suckho[at]byterapers.com)
3D models and design:
  Antti Miettinen (dice[at]doomsday.fi)

  Panu Aaltio (paaltio[at]mac.com)

KARAT3D+ in pouet: 

IK+ (Firestorm remix) in Remix64

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