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Zikdisk 2 by Paradize [web]


  (c) 2006-2008 by Paradize  http://paradize.atari.org/

  0. Introduction

  This is a long delayed YM music disk by Paradize featuring
  34 YM tunes made by Marcer.
  The Zikdisk concentrates on the music and therefor is a bit
  tame in other effects or onscreen movement.

  1. System requirements

  Atari STFM/STE/TT/Falcon 030 with at least 1MB RAM
  color monitor
  SingleTOS (Mint + Magic are not officially supported)

  Zikdisk 2 will load all tunes into a RAM Disk if there is
  enough RAM available.

  You can install Zikdisk 2 on your hardisk. Just copy the folder
  from the floppy anywhere on your harddisk.

  For best results use a genuine Atari STE with 4MB RAM!

  3. Program usage

  Just doubleclick on ZIKDISK2.PRG. If your ST has not enough RAM,
  he will tell you and exit.

  A short introduction will follow. On the main screen, SPACE
  toggles between DISCO mode and MENU mode. In MENU mode it will
  display a list of songs to select. Just press the corresponding
  key to load and play the tune.

  DISCO mode is flashy for the dancers and ravers out there :)

  ESC will terminate the main screen to the endpart which displays
  various things about the tunes.

  4. Known incompatibilities

  The tunes "CPU Slider" and "YM2149 Final" only work on STEs
  with 4MB RAM. Sorry but this seems a problem with malloc()
  within the Maxymiser replay routine.

  5. Tune extractor

  EXTRACT.PRG will extract all SNDH files from the linkfile so
  you can individually play and use them.

  Make sure there is enough free space on your harddisk for this.

  6. Credits

  GFABASIC code by Simon Sunnyboy
  YM2149 chip music by Marcer
  SNDH replay interface by Gwem / PHF
  Paradize logo by Ukko / Sector One
  Disco graphicis theme by Timbral / DHS
  Endpart panel by C-Rem / MjjProd
  Endpart font by Simon Sunnyboy
  GFABASIC Linkfiler by MugUK¿

  Special thanks go to:
  Cooper - for your motivation and supplying me the tunes and
           graphic files
  ggn    - for beta testing on various machines
  Marcer - for your massive efforts and your motivation which
           helps me a lot to keep on going.

  Further greetings can be found within the Zikdisk.

  7. Contact

  Contact Paradize via various ways:

  WWW: http://paradize.atari.org/
  IRC: #paradize  on IRCNet
  Email: Simon Sunnyboy <marndt@asmsoftware.de>
                 Cooper <st_cooper@voila.fr>
                 Marcer <marcer@algonet.se>
  8. Last words

  STay cool, STay Atari /|\

  Simon Sunnyboy signing off on August 31th 2008

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