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Capped.TV Kiosk 2008 by Dolphins [web]

Capped.TV Kiosk

Created by Dolphins [ dolphindemos.com ]

Code & Design: micksam7

Videos in this collection of course belong to their respected owners. And etc etc.

- Download videos from ftp://micksam7.com/capped/kiosk08/ to video directory [6-7 GB, smaller videos will be provided soon]
- Turn off screensaver/power mode/whatever
- Run capped.exe

Also included:
capped.exe - Main version for everyday use
capped-nvscene.exe - NVScene version, which includes a small line for greeting the sceners there..
capped-motionblur.exe - Because motionblur is a fad; menu has 'motion blur' effect when moved fast; just a bit slow

- A really fast dual-core processor [core 2 duo 2.4 GHz+ recommended!]
- A good amount of ram [1 GB]
- A fast hard drive
- Any graphics card
- A mouse
- No keyboard [Esc exits full screen, and the kiosk doesn't support a keyboard anyway]

Folder Stuff:
/ - The main one, capped.exe and readme.txt goes here [plus some other stuff]
/screeny/ - spark encoded screen shot videos, see tiny-bat.txt
/info/ - urlencoded info [blame flash], see http://micksam7.com/kioskgen.php
/video/ - The huge and heavy HD MP4 files here, get from ftp://micksam7.com/capped/kiosk08/

- 1 minute idle timer to autoplay
- 24 HD-captured demos
- Customizable, but only to 24 videos [will fix this and add options soon]
- It plays videos
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