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Best of KAPSA club by KAPSA Club

     Po‡¡ta‡ov˜  klub  Kapsa  po© d   ve  dnech  29.4.  a‘ 1.5.1995 (sobotu a‘
pondˆl¡)  v Praze  SAMCON '95  4. mezin rodn¡ setk n¡  u‘ivatel– po‡¡ta‡–  SAM
coup‚, ZX Spectrum a kompatabiln¡ch. T¡mto V s srde‡nˆ zveme. Bli‘¨¡ informace
dostanete na adrese klubu:

                   KAPSA, Norsk  5, 101 00 Praha 10, €esk  Republika

         nebo na elektronick‚ adrese:



     Computer club KAPSA makes 4th international meeting of users of following
computers: Sam coup‚,  ZX Spectrum and compatible. It will  be made from April
29th till  May 1st in Prague,  the capital of Czech  republic. This meeting is
called  SAMCON '95.  The nearer  informations  you  may get  at the  following
adresses: KAPSA club
          Norsk  5
          Praha 10
          101 00
          Czech Republic

        or at the electronic adress

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