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Magical doll by TGGC

\-/ returns ! - http://www.games-net.de/hosted/tggc

  Magical Doll  :-: an introduction in 64k

  Code          :-: TGGC

  Music         :-: Turri

  add. gfx      :-: Xoor, Seb

  direction     :-: TGGC

  packer        :-: kkrunchy by ryg/farbrausch

  synthesizer   :-: libv2 by kb/farbrausch

  running time  :-: 6m 00s

  greets        :-: ASD, Calodox, Conspiracy, Fairlight, 
                    Farbrausch, Fuzzion, Kakiarts, Loonies,
                    Nuance, RGBA, Speckdrumm, Still, TBC,
                    TBC, TBL, Titan, Traction
                    atla, BlueCobold, mcdeck, matt|6s, pro, rapso,
                    rip, TomasRiker
                    anyone else from #gamedev.ger and #cpp

  add. greets   :-: clippisch

  This intro was inspired by Hero, Rozen Maiden and various stuff
  by TBL, Fairlight and Still.
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