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Bunny Breeder

Bunny Breeder
By Audun Wilhelmsen aka Skyfex

The scenario: A velociraptor is attacking in 3 minutes.
All you have is a bunny farm and a segway. Breed as many bunnies as
you can before the time runs out. When the velociraptor attacks, 
try to survive as long as possible.

-Green bunnies are sick and will infect others. 
-Red bunnies are evil and will kill other bunnies.
-Deathballs will bounce around the map and kill everything
in their ways untill its shot down.
-Bunnies can't stand Bananaphone. Destroy the radio before they
commit suicide.

Left/A: Move left
Right/D: Move right
Mouse1: Fire
Space: Throw bunnies

Windows XP or better
(Mac and Linux versions will be built if I win ;))
3d Card (maybe at least something like GeForce 3)
A processor
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