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aquasoma by Nextempire

  mandatory blah blah

  * coded in a hurry (didn't have much time), I'm terribly sorry about the
    slow and ugly code, and I hope I didn't offend anyone with the complete
    lack of fakephongshaded donuts and/or 2d bumpmaps, etc, etc - and et
    cetera. also, my monitor went all yellowish the day before the deadline
    (which explains the absence of colors).
  * all done in 100% assembly (ho ho ho, as if it mattered).
  * may be slow on anything below a Pentium 75 MHz (was done in one, as a
    matter of fact).
  * yes, it requires EMS memory.
  * phish model ripped from a certain product by iD software (hope they
    don't sue me).
  * yes, there is no audio output.


  * Kozmik, Kernel, and the whole NEXTEMPIRE krew
  * Maxwell, Starfox, all Overseas organizers
  * The Imago Project
  * Marko Elezovic
  * Sassa Otenko
  * Mirrex
  * Que
  * Neila
  * all subscribers of the demo-br mailing list
  * almost every other human being on this planet


  An industrial ammount of love and all stuff-that-is-good, along with a
  garland of martian blue roses, to my beloved girlfriend Cris!

  closing words

  cat's foot iron claw
  neuro-surgeons scream for more
  at paranoia's poison door
  twenty first century schizoid man.

  blood rack barbed wire
  polititians' funeral pyre
  innocents raped with napalm fire
  twenty first century schizoid man.

  death seed blind man's greed
  poets' starving children bleed
  nothing he's got he really needs
  twenty first century schizoid man.

  (king crimson, "21st. century schizoid man")

  Yes. That's it.


  karpov contact:   mpersano@yahoo.com

  group contact:    http://members.xoom.com/NEXTEMPIRE
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