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fr-minus-03: farbomat by Farbrausch [web]

Fr-minus-03: Farbomat, an explanation

He looked back. She really wasn't as cute as some others he had this week, but
something about her did impress him. Her big fear-filled light- green eyes
perhaps as he'd tied her to his desk, teared her legs apart ripping her small
japanese school uniform skirt in two handy pieces, and started the program
he'd prepared for her (he finally managed to unlock the hand pressure lock
sensors of his Sidewinder joystick, something that bothered him for weeks, if
not months)? The glow of contentment in her very same eyes, as he slowly
started to increase the Force Feedback vibration slider? The small prints of
her teeth in her lips, left from her desperate attempts not to show too much
that she might also have liked it?

No, that wasn't it. He tried to remember better. As he saw her in the
student's dorm he visited regularly, she just seemed like all of the others.
Like he already had her. Nothing of her tried to distinguish itself from the
dying echoes of screams he was able to get out of so many of them here in the
elevators or in the janitor rooms.

Still irritated he put his glasses on, took off his tool belt and the lace
gloves and slipped into some t-shirt lying around. It was better when the
others didn't recognize what he really was up to when they thought he'd lie
asleep under his table.

With his first move, he accidentally pulled his keyboard off his table. The
others laughed, and that was ok. "Undiscovered" was easier to achieve by
"covered with dozens of layers".

Something did still hurt while he sat back on his chair. But nothing to care
about now. There were more important things to do. The text editor icon was
just one click and maybe two or three BSODs away, and that was exactly what he
needed now.

He started to type.

"For some years now, standard recognition patterns have spread throughout our
subculture, defining a too narrow scope of what's 'design' and what's not"

Yeah, that looked promising. Whatever was so strange about her, it was good,.

For some years now, standard recognition patterns have spread throughout our
subculture, defining a too narrow scope of what's 'design' and what's not. Due
to complete lack of real artistic skills on the side of self-proclamed
reviewers, "design" is nothing more than the reciprocal of "realism".

Psychologically that's completely understandable. The standard computer nerd
(as in any person having enough time to waste his few skills for autistic
things instead of reaching out into the world) finds his life completely
boring. The standard computer nerd's life, on the other hand, finds him
outstandingly boring. And from an outer point of view, both are completely

Therefore, the standard computer nerd (seen in examples like subject R.C.K.
and others) is so utterly disappointed of his life that he simply rejects
anything that looks the slightest way like it.The reluctance to appreciate the
detailed work in eg. the living room in "FR-013: flybye" is nothing more than
the reluctance to spend the precious scene life time in a living room about as
realistic than that of the parents. Let's face it, Max Payne was just
yet-another-office-worker back at the time, and that's exactly the opposite of
what an ordinary scener's dreams are.

"FR-08: The Product" reminds people of "Kasparov" (and not without reason).
"Kasparov" itself doesn't remind the average scener of an urban neo-romantic
dream as it was intended, but more of the boring industrial area cityscape
right before his window. The window the average scener has much too iften
looked though in his pre-nerd-days, and the very same window which only shows
a blurry black-brown image of this scape now, as the average scener never had
the time to clean it. And his mother gave up her tries to tidy up his room

To come to a conclusion, realism is only for people who are able to cope with
reality itself. The mistake we made was to project this inherent property of
our lives to our target group, the scene.

This is what we wanted to express with the engine at the start. We leave the
fields of where we were before, and go for our - and inherently your -

In those dreams, we redefine "oldschool". Oldschool isn't about scrollers.
Oldschool isn't about low FPS rate, oldschool is just about one thing: 1 bit
per color channel. We combine the new with the old. Newest technology used to
create old flavoured images. Still perfect sync. Progressive technoid music.
Cubes in perfect perspective. Everything you might ever want. In only 64K.

Chaos, Fiver2,  KB and Yoda at The Party 2001 - Digitally remastered. Fear us.

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