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mehtä by Revenge The Perse [web]

 revenke 2000
   -x-x-x-x-x-x-x   8 / 10   -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x 



   revenge the perse .
   high kuality pimpelipom and other not_so_normal ...
   a lot of boozing .
   joining not possible ..only if invited .
   ei uusia ei vanhaa vain rtp .



   Kalevi mies            [musik+org]
   Rattophoika            [musik]
   MooseS                 [ansi/ascii+set„]
   PETO!                  [gfx+musik]
   Dalai laama            [musik]
   dARk hUNtEr            [gfx+code+party]
   HooCee                 [manager+juoppo]
   Lisakives              [popstar]
   Mitzu rugi             [ninjafighter]
   Jans-peter             [code+gfx+musik]
   Hasisjuna              [code+musik]   
   Liisa13v               [musik]
   Leftkasi               [visualisoija]
   Olutpullo              [mudi addikti]
   Kyrpäjooseppi          [fuck you]
   Hilarious hiiri        [bollari]
   Vittujooseppi          [ansi/ascii+vga]
   Vittu joo              [handcraft]
   rm                     [?]
   Juutalaislutka         [musik]
   Läskipoika kerkko      [musik+party+boozing]


   o8/10_rtp in action at proxy1886. many prods. and new members again. 
   10/o8_Liisa12v is now 13vee 
   o3/08_Many new members joined at boozembly
   30/06_rtp securitas sektion founded 
   18/06_RTP hitted hard at plutonium 2000 festivaali
   07/o5_Revenge the perse 2 vuotta ruotsin työväen puolesta
   28/03_Legenda remix collection released
   07/02_leftkasi & olutpullo joined da rtp family.
   23/01_supa many supa cool prods. from elevator`00 skenetapahtuma.
   18/12_traditional horny Xmas special rel. time
   10/08_We welcome Liisa12v in our community
   18/07_RtP rocked with awesome demo at plutonium2
   08/07_Hasisjuna joined our posse
   o7/05_RTP is now 1 year old, celebrate it !
         Anniversary intro by jans-peter (a gift for all!)
   09/04_new hit-demo for proxy 99, starring Jans-peter & Dalai laama
   04/03_Jans-peter joinas
   19/02_new mega-demo for hype 99 at sweden.
   12-14/02_meeting held at Pit„j„nm„ki 
   15/01_da funky releases at elevator 99!
   01/01_h4ppy new ye4r! RtP keeps on rokking.
   18/12_10th release out! its also our x`mas special rel.
   13/11_Lisakives & Mitzu rugi joined
   o7/11_RtP « year!
   20/10_HooCee joined
   o8/10_Jans-peter made da first guest rel for rtp
   20/08_dARk hUNtEr joined
   14/08_Kalevi tmm = Kalevi mies
   25/05_Dalai laama joined
   o7/05_RtP founded




          .. ...tiedot my”s tekstikanavalla s. 320
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