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vuoria ei voi hallita by Revenge The Perse [web]

--[ da first demo from rtp 

--[ "vuoria ei voi hallita"

--[ done by jans-peter

1. something ...

this demo uses midas audio digital systeemi. 
this demo uses ... something more
this ... well most important was midas. its not mine.
oh, yes! kalevi mies invented the demo name. thanx kalevi mies.

2. something ...

everything done by jans-peter

music - jans-peter /samples ripped!
gfx - jans-peter
code - jans-peter /midas is (c) of housemarque inc.

3. something ...

this demo should run with 486 .. or 386 .. or 286 .. not!
i really don't know what this demo needs from hardware, but
it works fine with my cyrix150, 16mb, sb, etc.
i quess a pentium is enough

"jos ei saatana oo j„rki„ ajaa t„t„ puhtaasta dossista,
 nii eivittu tarvi kattoa !" - jans-peter

4. something ...

this demo is mine. don't steal the sorsa. except there a problem
whitin, i won't neverever release the sorsa. hah! ;)

(c) jans-peter, 1999, all rights reserved.

5. something ...

visit the rtp-site at internet:


and ofcourse you can contact me via e-mail:


- jans-peter
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