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kännykkä mafia by Revenge The Perse [web]

--[ demo    "k„nnykk„ mafia"     RTP ]--
--]                                  [--
--[ .revengetheperse. at elevator 2k ]--
--]                                  [--
--[     jans-peter & dalai laama     ]--

0. something ...

this package should include following filezzzz:

mafia.exe - da main-executable-demo-file
mafia.dat - datashit
mafia.nfo - this infofilu
rtp.nfo - our supagroup information file
rtp.rel - all rtp releazez info

1. something ...

this demo uses midas audio digital systeemi. again.
this demo uses ... something more. again.
this ... well midas. it's not arse. again.

2. something ...

code & gfx  - jans-peter
musac - dalai laama

rippaaminen on ilomme. taas.

"t„„ ei oo tehty tunnissa, saatana !" 

3. something ...

this demo should run with 486 .. or 386 .. or 286 .. not!
i really don't know what this demo needs from hardware, but
it works fine with my cyrix150, 16mb, sb, etc.
i quess a pentium (or 486) is enough.
execute cwsdpmi.exe, wont work without it.
(with my comp. it works. but someguys says it doesn't, p„„t„ itse.)
works in both: windows(95) dos-prompt and DOS itself.

"jos ei saatana oo j„rki„ ajaa t„t„ puhtaasta dossista,
 nii eivittu tarvi kattoa !" - jans-peter

5. something ...

this demo is ours. don't steal it. put this to cd with pleasure,
but you could send a copy of that cd to us. steal ideas freely, do
everything what you want, _we dont care_.
i've ripped mine, you rip your own.

(c) RTP, 2000, all rights reserved.

6. something ...

visit the rtp-site at internet:


and ofcourze you can contact us via e-mail:

jans-peter: jans-peter@iname.com
dalai laama: dalai@innocent.com

- jans-peter
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