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Syra (win32) by Cryonics [web]

by cryonics

made entirely by steffo/cryonics the winter 97/98
except for the meta-ball routine, by ubbe/cryonics

i just hacked this final together in like an hour,
the original demo was a dos demo made on my old
trusty p166.

the demo seems to need like 11Mbyte of ram for its
own purposes, so give that amount of memory to the
demo. give.

you can contact me at s.h@mindless.com, but i do 
not care about bugs.

i love
and they love me

extra feature:
you can use this demo as a demomaker, just replace
the music and do new sync in it
change the .pcx's with other .pcx's with the same
change the lwo's to other objects

and voila, you have a new totally awesome demo,
no skills involved at all.
but you have to keep the filenames as-is of course.

signing off, steffo/cryonics 18:33 21/3 2001
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