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exposure by Coma

    Exposing my soul..

            Voting time just ended I think..
            I am not going to win..
                                        anyway, my demo was the best.



            Copyright (c)

         So I (us) own ALL copyrights to this material.

         Distribute freely if unmodified.

         Mail me if you want to put this demo to some commercial CD-Rom !

                        released at Democracy'97 held in Hevonperse.

                    A lot of people were abused during production.

            Needs 8 megs of memory.. or more..
            Normal VGA.
            Works somehow with my 486DX2-66.
            A lot of conventional memory with SB especially.
            GUS with 512kb memory. (Or SB with ultimate low quality sound.)

            May need clean boot, but works fine with my plain himem boot. (Dos5)
            Bug reports are welcome.

        *   code, camera, lyrics    by Virne            (virne@sci.fi)
        *   music                   by Dune / Orange    (dune@complex.jyu.fi)

                * Music replay  by Asmu / Wild Light
                * Pmode header  by Tran

                                    ...        buy my darlings by publicity

        I thank following for help (in randomized order) :

        Essi (for acting, dancing and moral support)
        Leena (for acting)
        Ureator (for acting and masterizing)
        Heidi aka Haarukkamurhaaja of SKR (for ideas and place to sleep)
        Apatia (for pictures and moral support)
        OEM-keskus (for videocamera)
        Primon (for acting)
        Tapsa of Sekkari (for videodigizer card)
        Duke Nemo (for ideas to compression algorithm)

            also these should be mentioned too : (Am I having too much time?)

                Lemming, Damaq, Dice, Obligator, 216, Dose, Puhelin, Vissy,
                Carebear, Jmagic and others.. and so.. jee.

        (why am i trying to explain that i am not alone?)

        Important message from Virne to all his contacts !!

                I am sorry that I haven't answered to all mail I have got!
                All letters are waiting in my mailbox, so just wait.

            Virne on Coma. Joo.. Onkohan se pakko olla ihan niink„„n ?
                    Appelsiinimiehen musiikki ja muuten kaikki on tehty itse.
                        Vitun suomiscene. Tyhmi„ olette. Uskokaa pois.
                            Min„kin olen ja uskon.

            Party code. No money. No booze. I like it.

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