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Massacre by Dead Hackers Society [web]

               ___________     ______   ______    ____________
              !           \   !      ! !      !  /           /
              ! !    _     \  ! !    !_!      ! / /  _______/
           ___! !   !_\     \_! !             !_\ \         \____
           :::!     !:/   / /:!       _     ! !::\_______  \ \:::
           :::!          / /::!      !:!    ! !::/         / /:::
           ::::::::::::::[ Dead Hackers Society ]::::::::::::::::
                          Released July 30, 1998

                             IMParty 7 release

You need:
- Atari STe with 1meg or more (not ST, TT or Falcon compatible).
- Runs from floppy, hd, nvdi, blabla.. most things anyway.

Hello boys and girls, evil typing..

Well.. what the hell is this? If you started the demo before
reading this file you sureley had that thought.

Why does it look like a 5 year old demo? Why release such
a shit now? Has Gargamel started doing music again? Is this
the "ST Demo" which we have been talking about that we're doing?
Is the world going to collapse? Why are you getting tired of
reading this crap? Hum.. well, explanation time I guess.

1. This looks like a 5 year old demo simply becase... It is a 
   5-year old demo! 
   Yeah, over the years when DHS became somewhat lazy (1995 mainly)
   I had not much to do, being the graphican.. So, I took the old
   Tyranny sources, and started to make some new 3d objects, some
   new coloursets, inserted a new song.. Well, after a while
   most of the things were new. ;)  Though, still based on the
   same routines (I didn't code much, or at all then..).
   At the time for NAS 1995, the demo was ready enough to be shown
   on a democompetition.. I didn't think I would get a single vote
   for it, but what the hell, people could get something to laugh
   at. Now, things didn't go that bad, it actually won (can you
   belive that?) the competition against names as ICE and Impulse.
   Afterwards I got some not all too nice comments though, like "have
   you made a dhs demomaker" (hello techwave/ice) and such.
   Well, the Tyranny demosystem with the effects could perhaps be
   built to a demomaker, but in it's current state I don't think much
   people would make alot sense out of it ;)
   So you say, 1995.. now it is 1998.. hey this is three years! Yeah, but
   Tyranny was made in 1993, pretty much exactly 5 years from now, and
   everything is based on that..
2. Why release this thing now.
   Well, no idea really, to give the demoreviewers something to spit on
   perhaps? Or maybe because there are a fair amount of working
   hours behind it, I want it out cause of that. Or maybe it's my ego
   to release as much crap as possible this year. Who knows and who
   cares, it's here anyway, and nobody forced you to download it!
3. Is Gargamel back in business?!   
   Afraid not.. This is one of his last songs he made though. We havn't
   seen or heard from him since 1994 or so, unfortenly. :-(
   Rumours says that he still lives in Gavle, but nobody knows.   

4. No it is not the "st demo" we have talked about. This is a project
   I havn't touched much, or at all since 1995, just been on my STe
   harddisk since then. I have promised to release it a number of times
   but never got it done, just cause I wanted to make it look cool.
   Well, I got tired of that and will release it as it is. I think
   musicsync and such crap is ok though.

5. Is the world going to collapse?
   Yes unfortenly! That is.. if you don't code enough it will!
   So get home, load your assembler and start! We can't have idleness
   now, can we? :)

So, you probably reccon a few things that are just like in Tyranny..
Yes very true, the font is the same unfortenly, but the fontconverter
is lost, so is the original font, and I have no idea which format it
is in.. So, let's give the old font a second go.
The "blur-chessboard-zoomer" is pretty much like in Tyranny, so are
the 3d-dots with shadow. But apart from that I think everything is

Some effects reappear.. also true, never did finish it as said above.
Music sounds horrible.. Yups, that's 12.5 KHz for you, 7bits
per channel. Once used to Falcon sound the 12.5 KHz STe trackerplayers
never quite make it anylonger.
Some effects seems unmature.. well blame extreme tiredness for that,
then the really bad ideas appear, and such stuff gets made, and I was
never much for excluding stuff once made ;)

Greetings are to crews you never heard of.. Well, becuase greetings
are years old, and probably none of those who are greeted will
ever read it.. like I care ;)

Well that's it.. time for some credits.

- Loke (effects code)

Add code:
- Evil (some small crap I had to add)

- Gargamel (one of his last songs..)

2d/3d Graphics:
Evil (dc.w rules)

Design, put together, arrangement etc..:
Evil (bitch of a job..)

Name of demo idea:
Setok / Aggression (irc chat looooooong time ago..)

Polygon filler:
- Omega (full of errors, and lame of us to use others routine).

- Blade/Newcore (14% CPU maximum, VBL based)

Filming and digitizing the girl:
- Power / New Beat (her name is Lena btw)


You're running it on your own risk. Any damage the demo causes
if your fault. Though, it hasn't trashed anything here.

Contact us:

E-Mail: ae@wombat.ludvika.se (evil)
Web: http://dhs.atari.org

Byebye.. hope you had at least one second joy for downloading
this old crap..

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