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cheese #10 by Cheese Team

Yo Multiplex here..

Yeah.. It's finaly here!!!!! Cheese issue 10 with the new interface!!!!!

Oke.. It's not 100% bugfree.. 99% from it actualy.. It has been beta tested by
some  people  (you  will  be credited in the next issue for your help.. didn't
get  the  chance  now:[)  and  it  seems to work on alot of computers with the
following configuration :
- Himem and Emm386 loaded
- univesa loaded for vesa 2.0 support (althow vesa 1.2 works most of the time)

It  has  some  problems  with  some  soundblasters  but  we do have limited sb
support, finaly??;]

Oke.. it's alsow the largest of the lot....
Interesting to know is that the main executable is only just below 63k, the
rest is all pictures, articels and music;]]

If  for  some  reason  cheese won't run on your PC try the -safe option.. This
will  use  mostly  of  the old routines of Cheese #9 for putting things on the
screen  but  with  the  new  layout...  However  inarticel  pictures  are then
disabled... Then again.. it runs more stable;]]]]

Ohyeah..  mouse  support  aint  what  it  is supposed to be yet either:[[ I am
currently working on a way to fix this but I have not yet found an answer.. If
Cheese doesn't work with your mousedriver try using a different one....

HF, Multiplex / Cheese Team
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