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Blur by Sonik Clique [web]

BLUR, a 40k Intro by SONiK Clique

System Requirements:
	AGA, MC68020+

General Crap:
	Runs at reasonable framerate even with an ordinary A1200 without
	fastmem, though fastmem makes it run smoother. The coding is not
	really astonishing, but please note that almost all the routines
	were made in >2< weeks. (Thanks to Murk for lending me his A1200)

	This production is NOT FREEWARE! Contact us for further info.

A few words about the routines [Blaah...]:

Gouraud Shaded Doughnut:
	This is an old routine but it was however fast enough for our
	needs, even though it lacked some major optimizations. 32 colors
	and 64 polygons are used for this piece of plastic. [NO Chunky!]

	Runs in 320x256 copperscreen and involves a slight exponential
	motion BLUR. The blur is quite hard to see and I'm not so sure
	why it is there, but maybe it smoothens the effect just a little
	bit.. (?) The rotating crap is a 64 colored julia fractal which
	is calculated before starting the actual intro.

Another Keftales rerun (?):
	Actually these are Cassini's curves with two focal points and
	motion blur. Sorry about the ugly colors, they WERE supposed
	to be changed.. (?!)

Phong-Shaded Vector:
	Well, what can I say? There are only 16 colors because when the
	intro was practically completed, I didn't have the time nor the
	interest to replace the routine with a 256 colored version anymore.
	(the latter version would have been almost as fast but twice as nice)
	However phong shading hasn't been one of the most usual effects
	in Amiga productions, at least until now.

Blurred-Gouraud Doughnut:
	This is a simple gouraud shaded Doughnut but as the intro
	has to correspond to its name.... well.. :-)

The End Part:
	Nothing else but a beautiful background pattern, of course
	calculated between the gouraudpart and the endpart.

Player used:
	The Player 6.1A by GURU / Sahara Surfers. This version worked fine on
	the compo machine, but may cause problems on a normal A4000. We _may_
	release a fix if there's need for one [email us!].

				Truly Yours,

						Deflector / SONiK Clique

Short notes from Murk:

	Nothing special to say about the overal layout/design or whatever
	you want to call it. The graphics were produced especially for this
	project and are drawn without rasters to save space. I did all the
	graphics on my good 'ol B2000, but we ran out of time to add some
	nice AGA shades.. Sorry!

	The design is made to fit the music, but we did not work 'close
	together' with Oxide, since that's for lammmas. If you want to
	contact me / send comments, try this e-mail ad:

	an942400@shsibm.shh.fi or snail-mail to: P.O.Box 43 FIN-02181 Espoo

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