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Pestilence by Bandwagon [web]

 - Bandwagon: Pestilence

 - PC-64k for the party 8, 10th at the demo competition. No, that isn't 
   supposed to make any sense.
   You see the intro version contained a "major bug".
   Only people involved in the making of intro had nothing to do with it.
   Just in case someone should try this one again, maybe I should warn 
   you about it right here, right now.
   Don't change the name of the executable.
   The intro will not run after that. 
   The idea of packing a lot of files into one executable is that the 
   executable during the initilization process loads pictures and pieces 
   of music from itself.  
   If you change the name of the executable, it won't be there to load
   stuff from anymore, at least not correctly named.
   That's where you get a Runtime error and the intro doesn't run. 
   Try it out for yourself, it's great fun. 
   No, I'm not pissed off. 
   And it wasn't the Party organization for your information (and this is
   no sarcasm).

 - 386/VGA/GUS/SB/XMS/550k

 - use:
    /g       force SB if ULTRASND-variable present
    /r:????? use SB-rate of ?????
    /n       run with no sound

 - Please use GUS when showing this introduction. The correct parameters
   will be checked from the ULTRASND-enviroment variable.

   Please don't run under WIN95 or anything similar. It might work, but
   I've never tested it and the player sure as hell might crash

   SB is supported, but in case you're listening with it, that's not what
   the tune sounds like on GUS. Sorry, I'll write the SB XM-player later

 - Credits:

        gspot - music
        mermaid - graphics ("angry")
        neckfreak - code

 - to contact:

 Don't forget to check out the other brand new Bandwagon-product,
 Merituulen karaisema, available at an MSX-system near you.

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