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Twin Peaks by Tristar & Red Sector Inc. [web]

Short:    Twin Peaks Demo from TRSi (from TP96)
Author:   TRSi posse
Uploader: CONtROL@TRSi.DE
Type:     demo/tp96
Kurz:     Twin Peaks Demo fuer The Party VI


       ______________________________    _________________________ 
   . _/      __     ___________      \__/     ________     __     \     .
  .  \      /        \_    ___/    ___/\_________     \___/        \_ . 
   ·. \____/          /    \        \___/       /      \_/          /· . · 
 ·.· .  ._/          /      \                  /        /          /.·. · 
 ...·.:::\__________/        \_________________________/          /:::.·. .  
 |                                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 |        [- t R I S T A R   a N D   r E D ^ s E C T O R   i N C ]        |
 |                                                                        |
 |                                pRESENT                                 |
 |                                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 |  --------------------------------------------------------------------  |
 |                                                                        |


Important words at the beginning...  the POWERPACKER LIBRARY is needed
for  this  demo!   Don`t forget to copy it to your LIBS:  for the case
that  you  haven`t installed it already (it was wisely included in the
first  archive  of this production).  Just do that by hand; no one was
willed  to  write  a `powerpacker.library-hd-installer` for the lamers
;))  Furthermore  we  have to mention that you HAVE to use CURSOR KEYS
(walk  around)  and `+` `#` (going up/down) to control the 2nd effect,
the Textured-Voxel!

Please  note  that  this  is  `just` a BETA version of this fine demo!
Twin Peaks was developed during a whole year and THIS version (the one
you  are  looking at the moment) was thought to be an internal preview
version  for  TRSi members only; too bad that a filestructure-error of
AFS  crippled  and deleted the majority of the source-codes which made
it  impossible to recover anything!  Well, you`ll never be able to get
your  hands  on  a  `final`  version  of this demo because the present
sources  do  not  exist  anymore and the backuped sources aren`t worth
anything  due  its  age!   We  were  thinking  about not releasing the
production (due the fact that it`s not finished yet and will never be)
but lateron we came to the conclusion that we do not have the right to
withhold this marvellous demo (even if it`s an early preview) from the
eyes  of  the  amiga  users.   Moreover  it  does not have to fear the
competition  with  other demos!  Anyway, enjoy this BETA-production as
we  did!  btw, please excuse incompatibility with eg.  A4000 computers
but  these  bugs can not be fixed nor removed anymore; this production
runs fine on A1200/HD/030/4MB!



[words from the coders]


Code: The Twins / Trsi
Gfx:  Noogman / Artwork
Sfx:  Virgill / Trsi & Essence & Artwork

Greetings goes to :

Tron, SMT, CONtROL, Touchstone, Errox, Rewired, Fade-One !


1. Bump-Plate: Static Bumpmapping with height-included (distance to camera)
               gradient  calculation.

2. Textured-Voxel: Uses scaled Textures instead of one-coloured Voxels.
                   Use CURSOR KEYS (for walking around) and `+` `#` to
                   go UP and DOWN! (routine will exit automatically)

3. Jumping Ball: ChunkyCopper-Effect with scaling and R-G-B calculated
                 transpulency and shading.

4. Rayfraction: Simulated glass, wich breaks the light in both directions,
                at the entry point and the leaving point of the glass.
                This causes the low framerate... In addition an overlaied

5. Phong-Duck: Very fast Phong-shading and an very imaginative object !

6. Phong-Cup: The first real transparent Phong-shaded Object.

7. Textured-Phong: Chess-King consists of 400 Phong-shaded Texturepolygons.

8. Picture: Nice Fantasy-Picture by Noogman.

9. Cave: Twin-Voxel. Both Voxels were rendered in one integrated routine.
         The complex World is calculated during the previous picture.
         Only idiots think its mirrored...

10. Bump-Map: Fast bumpmapped Object with different changing materials.
              The environmental part looks also very nice...

11. Voxel: The 596885th Voxel-Routine and also the same old Landscape...
           but : Very fast, very wide view, depth cuing, lens flaires
           .. even very nice.

12. Moving Bumpmap: Dynamic Bumpmapping !! (Not that old static shit !)
                    The new gradients were calculated every frame.

13. THE END: The routine is the same as in the rayfraction-effect, but
             without the leaving light fraction and no Phong. This
             improves the speed...

So  after  a  long  time  we  have  (not) finished our next Demo.  Our
hard-disk  died  in  Nov.96 and with it the final version !!  Thanx to
the  HOLY A.F.S.  for that !!!  We´ll hope, you like the show, but the
final  version  will  never  come  out.....(snief)  The  final version
contained a color-(!)interpolated Voxel-scape, improved GFX by NoOgMaN
(in  this  version  some  GFX is our (the Twins) work !), a new Effect
with  mixed  textures  glass and flat-shaded with environment mapping,
and a synchronously run to the (completed)music.

And  now  one thing we must say about us and a group (i think the name
begins  with artw...  or so !!!!  (WE DONT KNOW !!!)) This group wants
to  join  us  at  the  beginning of 1996 to make a big Demo called THE
GATE.   We´ve  send  our  new  Routines  (the  bumpmapping ones !) and
explained this to the Coder.  Some Month later the Main-Coder wants to
make the Demo without us and we leaved the group.


Wir denken, das derjenige weiss, wer gemeint ist !!!  Aber Routinen zu
klauen  scheint  ja  eh  Deine  Bestimmung zu sein (wie mans schon von
vielen gehört hat, und Du selber zugegeben hast !).  Arroganz ist eben
auch azur-blau-schimmernd !!


 Our Address:  (only for friendly people !)

 The Twins
 Andre & Frank Hugenroth
 Bockradener Str. 71
 49477 Ibbenbüren

 e-mail: afhuge@t-online.de



Divine  kindness  to  our  mates in TBL, CNCD, Virtual Dreams, Rebels,
Sanity,  Stellar,  Silents,  Parallax,  Compley, Sonik, Scoopex, Bomb,
Polka  brothers,  Alcatraz,  Razor,  Haujobb, Mirage, Spaceballs, DCS,
Balance,  Movement, Essence, Andromeda .  Furthermore we would like to
greet  our  partners  in  crime;  FAIRGHT,  SUNFLEX  INC,  LIGHTFORCE,


[scrolltexts, which haven`t had any chance to be included anymore...]

hello  mates,  this is control.  well, just another amazing production
from  trsi!   the  sleeping  gods  are  back in town!  enjoy the great
routines  of  this  awesome demonstration.  well, i would like to send
best  regards  to  the  development  team  of this demo and to my best
mates...   all  members  of trsi worldwide, trsi recordz, denny, lenny
dee,  logic,  orbit,  astro, laserdance, alloc, schorse, digiman, tom,
santa  claus,  polaris, tnm, autopsy, ferox, goldman, cybermage, rage,
quedex,  pigment,  cougar,  pot noodle, twk, sigma seven, xxx, melvin,
lance,  conan,  the  pride, ayatollah, jake, ramona, retep, ice, mike,
touchtone,  scar,  boosta, 2fast, deathknight, moi, hoson, mindbender,
bezzzerk,  blood,  pyro,  max.   okay, get in touch with me though the
internet...    if   you   dare!    hehe!    email   your  comments  to
control@trsi.de.   btw,  verena, i really love you!  wrap!  control is

Get your hands on the new audio cds from TRSi RECORDZ!



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