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year2k-1 by Vantage [web]

       bastel                                         dake
         ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿                                 ÚÄÄÄÄÄÙ
             vantage                           calodox
                        idea, code, greets
                          ³     ³    ³ ³
                  boringday lycaddy2 irc
                          ³     ³    ³ ³

- another boring december 31
- what to do,           23.30
- paint
- code                  00.00
- go online
- chat with dake
- write nonsense        03.00
- put all together
- finished              

- ignore that big vantage logo. this is a bastel production.
  (you may not say: vantage and calodox nor vintage and cooldox)

- ignore the sensless comments : they come from a vodka-filled dake (not
  that much though)

- but dake can still say that ati suxx (yes)

- thnx to cockroach for having so much troubles :)
  (note from dake: with bunny tell, winner of the last_release_of_1998_compo)
  he was finally able to make it running :)

  some facts & numbers:

  4 dcc's
  2 hours of serious chat
  10 mins of realtime hotline support for cockroach
  1 explanation of "trifiller" and "zbuffer" to cockroach

bastel, dake.
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