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Dope by Complex [web]

        sorry... we ran out of time so this is "a bit" unfinished :)
        demo was supposed to have end scroll but we didnt have time to
        make graphics for it :-)  so here's the full credits:

        code                    jmagic
        graphics                jugi
        music                   jugi
        music replay routine    phantom/sonic pc (gus unit raped by jmagic)
        routine boxes sketch    jugi
        boxes pixelled by       reward

        3d objects:

        credits part            jugi
        7800 polys              m.hakulinen
        environment map         jugi
        shadow volume           ...found from some cdrom...
        world domination        m.hakulinen

        m. hakulinen is a friend of mine and can be reached by email
        from mhakuli@cs.joensuu.fi


>> Last message before deadline: Everything fucked up due to machines too fast!
   Bahbah... well, im off 2 sleep. BAH.. and i managed 2 fuk up the tune too!
   :P. good night universe!

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