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the fromage debut musicdisk by Fromage [web]



Hiya! This is our first REAL musicdisk (not like that little mini-disk
we released earlier, which just contained compotunes). We have worked for
almost a year on this, so this is quite a special release for us.
Back when Aymes and \Slash founded Fromage we immediatly started on a
musicdisk, and only now do we release. Tsk, such slackers we are
(especially \Slash ;p who was responsible for collecting the songs and
finalising (i.e. saying "righto, this is it") the musicdisk).
Fromage would like to thank the following people/groups:

our guest musicians:
Melvyl and auricom... you are both brilliant, we are not worthy.
the hellven people.
the mephtik people.
seffren for the brilliant interface :)
and: (in no order) zabutom, cemik, matt fairclough, nagz, darkium,
rolo, mike nightingale, crenton, von kaiser, drq,
mick rippon and courtney, xerxes, darkhalo, norg, radix, mune, ross,
#hellven (espernet), #trax (ircnet), #trax (scenenet),
#trax (efnet), and #ukscene (ircnet).

        AND NOW....

   >>>> THE TRACKS!

(People with (*) are guests.)

 1 >>>> Cheese Bumps - Aymes

        Forget your troubles and tribulations! Relax and enjoy a wonderful
        journey of cheesy melodies and weird bonk type sounds.
        Welcome to our world. :)

 2 >>>> Brin d'amour - by Melvyl^Hellven (*) and \Slash

        A cool chiptune made in one day by sending patterns back and
        forth constantly. Sounds kinda serious, doesn't it?

 3 >>>> Swiss Cheese Express! - by reduz

        We all joy and party every time the swiss cheese express arrives in
        Fromage town! Why? Because it brings deliscious cheese!
        And that means weeks of eating such wonderful yellow marvel!
        Are you ready? Well... Let's have a great time!
 4 >>>> Muenster - by Lysander Lapine

        Muenster is a transylvanian spooky cheese epic!

 5 >>>> Stinky Cheese! - by alexg

        A jazzfest in four channels. Groovy :)

 6 >>>> My Valentine - by edzes and auricom (*)

        Superb happy chippypop tune! A collaboration of edzes and auricom.

 7 >>>> Cheese Strings - by Aymes

        Having eaten a whole 250g of cheese I wrote this...
        More cheesy nonsense...

 8 >>>> Longhorn - by alexg

        Contains the immortal rap samples. Ph33r.

 9 >>>> Chips'n'Cheese - by Ice Raven

        Junk cheese food provided for your guilty pleasure.

10 >>>> Cheese from Outer Space - by \slash

        A fastpaced cheesy track with a cool lead.
        Check the comments for more rambling.

11 >>>> r0ff (funky shit) - by zalza

        Doesn't the title say it all? funky shit.

12 >>>> Morning - by Ice Raven

        Chip guitar solos, chip leads, ruletheworld chorus,
        leather pants attitude... Eveyrthing a smelly french cheese
        track needs. :)

13 >>>> Igloo Village - by reduz

        Frozen Penguins.

14 >>>> Contrary to the Cheese - by Aymes

        So... What is cheese? It could be this! Twiddly bits galore, yay!

15 >>>> Emmentaler - by \slash
        Drum'n'Bass along with chiptune samples, a cheesy chorus, and a
        little bit trance and groovy leads. I can't tell you what this
        sounds like, really. :)
16 >>>> Frederick Johnson - by alexg
        Weird synthpop with a groovy lead. Bring it on :)

17 >>>> Starlight Cheese - lilelk

        Dreamy cheese... A chiptune, no less. Listen to it and drift away...
        I guess it's far away.
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