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Asm-One v1.20 by The Flame Arrows [web]

                       ASM-One V1.49-RC1 (17-02-2003)

This Release Candidate 1 (modern word for Beta version B-) of ASM-One V1.49
is, as the name suggests, still a work in progress.

This version of ASM-One adds more support for the PPC, and will work
on more Amiga's (due to the work on the startup code and Exception Handler).

ASM-One now also works fine with WinUAE. However, only if you select a CPU
higher than the default MC68000. For some strange reason ASM-One gets
stuck on a Privileged instruction in ROM !!!

Exception Handling has been improved to handle all the different Stack Frames
returned by the MC68000/010/020/030/040/060 for Bus- and Address errors.
However, for yet another strange reason, ASM-One will NOT exit debugging when
it hits a Bus- or Address error. The routines works, but during debugging,
ASM-One just continues.

So beware while debugging. You will notice a slight hick up (halve a second
on my 4000, but probaly longer on slower machines), but ASM-One will continue
and registers may have total bogus content !!!

As you know by now: ASM-One is being audited. Goal is to comment whatever
I can and to rewrite code to more system friendly code whenever possible.
This means that library calls will be used aswell as the defined Amiga
Structures. When possible, code will be rewritten according to the examples
available from the Developer CD 2.1.

The final version of V1.49 should therefore be a lot more stable and a
much better base for future enhancements and fixes.

Hope you enjoy this one...

Kind regards,

Boushh of TFA

Read History.txt for a more detailed description of what has changed.


Copyright Notice

   ASM-One V1.49-RC1 is Copyright (C) 2004 by Boushh of TFA.


   ASM-One V1.49-RC1 is offered "as is", and the authors will not be held
responsible for any damage resulting from mistakes contained within, though
the best effort has been made to ensure that the program works fine.


   This is only Copyrighted in order to protect the integrity of ASM-One V1.49-RC1
and to ensure its free availability to all. You may put it in a disk
collection without prior permission from the authors (like the Fred Fish's disks
and CD-ROMed versions of Aminet). You may NOT distribute ASM-One as a commercial
package !! You may freely and for free distribute it across any medium.

   There is no shareware registration fee since this is "freeware".


   ASM-One was developed on an Amiga 4000/40 with 18 Mb of memory and two 4 Gb
Harddisks, with ASM-One V1.48.
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