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cyberlogik by Alcatraz [web] & Tristar & Red Sector Inc. [web]

 CyberLogik - The Demo ©1995 ALCATRAZ Entertainment Software
  Produced in cooperation with TRSI&TRSI RecordZ.
  An advertisement for the CyberLogik CD-releases.

  AGA chipset
  MC68020 running at min. 28MHz
  4MB fastmem
  2.2MB HD-space (5MB HD-space for installation)

  Unpack CyberLogik1.lha and CyberLogik2.lha to your HD.
  Doubleklick on the icon Install.

  After installing rescan the window !!!

  Now you will find The Demo in your window called
  CyberLogik. It is not packed, so you can pack it
  with your own favourite packer if you want.

  It should run from WB on EVERY(!) AGA machine even
  on accelerated A4000 with graphiccard and more.
  Unfortunately most demos don't (I hate those coders):
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