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bakkslide 7 by Hellcore [web] & Omnicolour [web]

 b a k k s l i d e  s e v e n

                    mrock / hellcore    code
                    yez / omnicolour    music 
                    spk / omnicolour    gfx

                    640x480 8bit, 240 lines used
                    [minimalized vesa system in compo version.
                    may not work correctly. sorry about that. we suck]

                    GUS supported in bk.exe
                    GUS and SB in bk_g&sb.exe (m parameter for manual config)

                    pmodew 1.24
                           by Daredevil and Tran
                    cubic tiny gus xm player 1.6 (used in compo version)
                           by Niklas Beisert
                    useless module player 1.04 (used in final version)
                           by Freddy Vetele
                    upx 0.71
                           by Markus Franz Xaver Johannes Oberhumer
                              and Laszlo Molnar

                    mrock@promail.pl yez@promail.pl spk@promail.pl

                    and you know everything...

                    check www.hellcore.art.pl for *

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