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Cack 2 by The Dennis Courtney 5

The Dennis Courtney Five - big band with an attitude.

smacks you up with: Cack 2 - Megacack!
(btw, not meant to be a parody of Orange - just a neat name :)

Cack 1 - December 1996 - 15 min./effect, 1 day to compile.
Cack 2 - December 1997 - >15 min./effect, 1 week to compile.
Cack 3? Can you take more cack?


What you need:

- 486DX or better (made to run well at least on the compo machine)
- any VGA will do
- as will plain conventional RAM, 570k or so.
- any sound card as long as it's a GUS.  Sorry about that, but we had
  to change players at the last minute (no thanks to the OTM people :).

What I need:

- a beer.


A lot of this 'code' is over a year old.  Some parts in the beginning were
meant for an Eclipse party intro.  The challenge in that, of course, would've 
been to get effects, music, and player into 64k, in _Quickbasic_.

Thanks again to Frost/dCb for the pics (and Depth/Excused for letting go
of one :).  Thanks also to Scirocco/Night 55 for donating his tune at
the last minute.

Demos you can't have:

borscht for brains 7/96
wheel of fortune (wof) 8/96
beef 8/96
cack 12/96
tea (unfinished) 1/97
yes yes (unfinished) 3/97
_goredependence day 7/97
tridtro 10/97
happy birthday gd 10/97
fresh scent 11/97
cack 2 - megacack 12/97

Games you can't have:

tank 12/96
simon 3/97
mazzembly 3d 3/97
i'm online 4/97
kungen 11/97

the thrill of victory: djc@uclink4.berkeley.edu
the agony of defeat: www.system.com
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