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Nullarbor: No Trees 2008 by Error 64 & cTrix

nullarbor : no trees 2008 by e64 & cTrix
version 1.0

please see
for more information!

DirectX 8.1

TNT2 Pro, maybe less.
Pentium III 600, maybe less.
MIDI sound.

Past Releases:
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Aug03:Fishtro2    .  64k Intro . 5th Buenzli 12
Dec05:notrees 2006.  64k Intro . 2nd .au Xmas Compo 2005
Feb06:Retro4k     .   4k Intro . 2nd Nullarbor 2006
Feb06:No Time     .    Demo    . 3rd Nullarbor 2006
Dec06:notrees 2007.  64k Intro . 4th .au Xmas Compo 2006
Mar07:Ray4k       .   4k Intro . 2nd Nullarbor 2007


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Chris Says:

Seasons Greetz to everyone! (with a twist)

Well here I am on holiday with my trusty old laptop and a beer hacking out a Doom Metal version of Jingle Bells.  No keyboard controller, just a track pointer (eeek) but it is keeping me entertained whilst the rest of the family watch an Elvis Presley special on TV.  What is it with shit television over xmas?!  Fuuuck...

I thought about making the tune an XM but e64 has a tradition of using MIDI files for the .au xMas prod so here it is in GM glory.  I hope what ever hardware you have in your machine plays it ok. The only MIDI program I was able to get working was an old version of Cakewalk 5 for Win 3.11 as everything else (bar tracking programs) wouldn't run on my old laptop!  Hence the tune is a couple of minutes shorter than originally intended, but hey, I've got beer to drink and V8 Utes have just started on the TV. 
(maybe it isn't all bad after all!)


oh, and Come to SYNTAX Party 2008!
(August, 2008)
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