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HIT MOUSE 01 by An4kiR

a music disk for all AGA Amigas.
12 experimental AHX chiptunes by ANAKI ROB.

Tested on:
    A1200, 020, WB3.0, 2Mb Chip, 0Mb Fast
    P4, 1024Mb, UAE, WB3.0
    P3, 512Mb, UAE, WB3.0

    Amiga users will need to use a program like tracktool to write the ADF to a floppy disk, then insert disk into DF0: and reset.
    Windows, Mac and Linux users will require UAE. UAE configurations have been included in the archive.
    UAE Lamers can find the WB3.0 ROMS @ http://www.theoldcomputer.com/Libarary's/Emulation/BIOS_Roms/Kickstart3.0.zip .

    Once running, use left mouse button to select tracks and right mouse button to switch menus.

    You may freely distribute this archive but you may not add or remove any files from it or alter the filename "W4R_HIT1.ZIP".

    This package is copyright An4kiR 11-12-2007. I am not responsible for any damage to your system, but I hope it makes your computer crash and burn.

    Most of these tracks use undocumented/unstable features of AHX and therfore tend to sound a little different each time the music disk is played. STAY OLD SCHOOL and USE THE FOR HORSE, LIKE!
    And I probably don't need to tell you that real Amiga hardware is the best!
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