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Goldrunnner-instructor by 42 Crew

So here	we are once more...
  in the playground of the
  one more experience,
  one more entry in the	diary

  Hello	all freaks and game addicts!

  Here is one more game	to play.
  It is, well, in my opinion, the
  very best game for the ST.
  Just listen to the sound and watch
  the fantastic	graphic	animation.
  By the way, have you ever heard about
  ROB HUBBARD -	the sound is his

  Here are some	key commands to	control
  the game:

	F1	-     RESTART
	F2	-     Sound on/off
	F4	-     50/60 Hz change

	1	-     1	Player
	2	-     2	Players

	SPACE	-     High Speed Drive
 To ENTER ANOTHER LEVEL, try to	destroy
 all ground stations, so you will
 notice	the star in the	status line
 is getting smaller and	smaller. If
 it the	star is	gone, you have to enter
 the hangar (the 2nd big building) to
 get into a further game level!

  That's all for the moment...
  Now the greetings:

	Hello MMC,1001 CREW, BOSS,
	      TWISTER, Pater Becker

  Your...      4 2 - C R E W

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