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TMDCX Invitation by tAAt [web]

Text Mode Demo Competition 10 Invitation

TMDCX is held from 11.11.07 to 12.12.07. For more information,
please check out the competition web site at


If you've read the readmes of the last few productions by me, 
you might have noticed the trend of "done in a hurry". This one
was done within 6 hours after a workday, and that six hours
included taking the dog out, ordering, fetching and eating 
some pizza.

Thanks to Orbiter for the music. I hope I did not vandalize
it too much =)

Uses LibCaCa again. LibCaCa has been re-licensed under the
WTFPL (http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/COPYING), so I do not need
to distribute my changes anymore. 

The demo doesn't, unfortunately, have anything too special
in it this time, but I hope you enjoy the ride nevertheless.

  -- Sol
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