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dose 2 by mfx [web]

mfx 2001 commercial crap posse presents

dose 2 : valetta


this demo does not feature any racism. (tested on 2x italians, 
laughed their asses off) if you think it does, you are stupid.


emperor of code 216 and design deity uncle-x
house music god little bitchard and cartoon prince manticore

additional credits might be given to video serf nosfe,
sampo "little bitchards friend" and intro leader rainmaker.

216 jwuolijo@cs.helsinki.fi 
uncle-x naleskin@cs.helsinki.fi 
manticore apaarni@urova.fi 
little bitchard arto@genera.fi

requires a linux: (massembly organizers decided that dos has nothing
to do with demoscene or naything..) a machine with sufficient
processing power might also be useful.
uses sdl (simple directmedia layer) v1.2 for sound and music. maybe
graphics too. so it should work with just about anything where
something works at all. 
sudo modprobe sb 
sudo modprobe blaablaafb
killall esd

fainal version may come with even dos suppo (yea, left)

and yes we know the lyrics go "two pieces of toast" and yet we show you
some nice pizzza. it's more italian or something or something.


kooma, haujobb, dcs, spinning kids, calodox, flo, iso, phn, unique,
exceed, wamma, rno, retro-ac, mass, komplex, trsi, pWp, fobia design,
cycla, farbrauch, dekadence, byterapers, damones, damage, rtp
and all the rest we forgot, mistyped or typed twice...

mfx statistics:

216, uncle-x, synteesi, rainmaker, dead meat, little bitchard,
dixan, manticore, pyromaniac, ellyn, clifford m., nosfe &
roi "i won't choose a handle so bite me" blask

-girl i house ya!-

kiitos paskasta, syökää rahaa.
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