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destroy the unappropriate enemy by Aspirine

                  The ASPiRiNE Design Labs, inc. Presents

       D E S T R O Y   T H E   U N A P P R O P R I A T E   E N E M Y

          A Conscious Demonstration For You And Your Whole Family

 This high-quality product has been especially designed and packaged for the
      optimal entertainment of the average european or american family.

  This handcrafted software-rendered production has been brought to you by
  our devoted team of volunteers, working hard night and day for your most
        succesful enjoyment of high technology slide shows at home.

                                C R E D I T S

                                 Mr Brioche
                       Design and Propaganda Officer
                                  Dr Colas
                     Reseach and Engineering Department
                                 Pr Gedeon
                      Accoustical Technical Achievment 
 Copyright Infringement : the score of this demo contains vocal samples from
   an artist called Nya who features on the album "The Dawn" of the awesome
                        Erik Truffaz Quartet (Blue Note).

   Thanks to Allergy for his support and for lending his workstation to help
 during the making of this quick-n-experimental production which "has been made
    in a hurry at party place".  It's too cool to be true!  We're cool!

          cschrett@ulb.ac.be (colas) -- xavier@defrang.com (brioche)

      mmm... we'll have to wake that site up with all these new prods! :)

    Respect fly to Al-Najjir/ASPiRiNE, Move, Allergy, Fro, Cocoon, Jylam, 
     Mutant Inc., and all the one we had no time to mention here...

    	  Is there anybody alive in the belgian demo scene, please?

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