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tracie by TBC


  A native 1k windows intro released for the 4k compo at function 2007.

- The real deal packed with my new experimental packer.
  Yeah, some people write their own packers (hello hitch! :)).

- The intro packed with what is most likely going to be Crinkler 1.1.
  This version emits a warning, if directx is out of date,
  and should work on win2k as well (not tested).

- Any version of windows xp or vista.
- A graphics card supporting shader model 3.0.
- A fairly recent directx (february 2005 or later, needed for d3dx9_24.dll).
- Patience. The intro loops after two minuttes. Be sure to watch all of it.

Thanks to:
  Maytz/Loonies for helping out with the color scheme.
  Puryx/TBC for composing the 'music'.

- mentor/TBC
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