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Gut Gut Gut by Proxima

                                                  p  r  o  x  i  m  a .

                                                  g u t  g u t  g u t .

                                                            f i n a l .

                             now it's icing'96 and we release gutgutgut.
                                            codes by jawses and calvins.
                                                       musics by tecons.
                                                    graphics by sundays.
                                                       players by betas.

contact us
  bbs   +47 55122962 (countzero)
  email anders.ervik@dalen.bbs.no (calvin)
        b94maran@ida.his.se       (sunday)
        jaws@countzero.no         (jaws)
  irc   #daskmig, #coders

hellos and greetings to
tundra, tea, goto 10, omicron, maak, xenon, beam, dr. dyregod & kompani,
rectum cauda, sublogic, inf, tpolm, funk, contraz, sorrox, index, scoop,
prospect,  fascination, dimension,  japotek, orchide, are?prods, nebula,
yitzhaqerdenkulesteiverden!tuotanto, misc dezign, sublevel 3.

sb wants ems

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