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Kuula by Poksi Productions

Kuula by Poksi Productions
version 0.2

Kuula is a marble rolling game somewhat based on a same kind of board game.
In Kuula, your aim is to guide the ball trough the board to a green hole
and avoid black holes. Many boards have a time limit too.

Kuula is supposed to played on IBM/Lenove Thinkpad with Active Protection
System by rotating the laptop, but playing with mouse is also possible,
although that is less elite.

There is a board editor included in Kuula package and you can make level
packs by making a subdirectory to levs-directory and putting your maps and
an info.txt listing those maps in the order they are played there.

Boards in packs can also be accessed individually from 'single boards'menu,
 but only after they have been completed in pack mode at least once. Until
that they are locked by default.

Hardware requirements
OpenGL 1.1 -capable graphics card

You should be able to run the Windows version by simply opening the
kuula-windows.exe file included in the pack.
To run the linux version, run 'chmod +x kuula-linux' and then ./kuula-linux
to start the game.
The Linux version has SDL and SDL_mixer as it's depencies.
The board editor also has SDL_ttf as depency in the Linux version.

You control the rotation of the board by moving the mouse.
Mouse buttons can be used to toggle whether the mouse is grabbed or not.
If the mouse is not grabbed, then all the mouse movement is ignored.

If you have a recent IBM/Lenova Thinkpad laptop with Active Protection
System (APS) support, you can also control the board by rotating the
laptop in GNU/Linux version. To enable this feature, load the kernel
module hdaps and make sure users have permission to read the joystick
devices in /dev/input/js*. APS input is only used when the mouse is not
The Windows version currently has no support for APS-input.

See http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/HDAPS for more info about the HDAPS module.

Kuula is distributed under GNU GPLv3 (and later) so it's free software.
See the file COPYING accompanied in the package for details.
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