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Flaming space balls

Flaming Space Balls v0.9


Windows XP/Vista
Directx 9.0c


Simply extract the package to a directory of your choice, using the subfolder
structure in the zip. To start the game run Flaming Space Balls!.exe


Display resolution can be configured in init.cfg. Open the file with a text 
editor and edit the ScreenWidth= and ScreenHeigth= lines to match your desired
resolution. Do not to put any white space immediately on either side of the "="
mark. The game will deduce the aspect ratio of your display from the resolution
so use wide-screen resolutions only on wide-screen displays if you don't want 
flattened graphics. You can also turn the music off by leaving the lines 
menuMusic= and gameMusic= blank.


-Start Game- 
Opens the start menu

-Join Game-
Opens a screen where you can type in the address and join a network game.

-Host game-
Immediately starts a new network game that other players can join through the network. 

Immediately starts a new local game.

-Player Setup-
Here you can set the players' names, ships and controls and also the number of
players on your machine. The controls show only key codes, but don't mind that,
they still are set to the key/button/axis you press when you have klicked on it
so that it says "Press". The default controls are described later in this

-Game Setup-
Here you can set the game area size, background, respawn timer and victory 
conditions. The game area size should preferably have the same "aspect ratio"
as your display, otherwise objects will collide short of the vertical screen 

You will never guess what this does.


The default controls are as follows

Menu: Esc
Hide/Show scoreboard: F1

-Player 1
Fire: Right Ctrl
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow
Turn Axis: none
Thrust: Up Arrow
Change asteroid: Down Arrow

-Player 2-
Fire: Tab
Left: A
Right: D
Turn Axis: none
Thrust: W
Change asteroid: S

-Player 3-
Fire: Space Bar
Left: H
Right: K
Turn Axis: none
Thrust: U
Change asteroid: J

-Player 4-
Fire: Joystick 0 Button 1
Left: none
Right: none
Turn Axis: Joystick0 X Axis
Thrust: Joystick 0 Button 0
Change asteroid: Joystick 0 Button 2

Tip: You can change the launch angle of the asteroids by holding down thrust and turning left or right.


Programming: Marko Kärkelä, markzero@novawar-game.com
Graphics & Sounds: Mikko Kärkelä, werty.mk@gmail.com
Music: Pauli Valkeejärvi, conflux@hotmail.com

FMOD Sound System, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2006., www.fmod.org
Crazy Eddie's GUI System v0.4.1, www.cegui.org.uk
ColDet - 3D Collision Detection Library Copyright (C) 2000  Amir Geva, 
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