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Discharger by Stravaganza [web]


                  D  I  S  C  H  A  R  G  E  R
            S   T   R   A   V   A   G   A   N   Z   A            

      ·Discharger                                           .

                       Ithaqua : Code, Sequencing
                       TeKnO   : Graphics, Design
                       Wonder  : Soundtrack

      ·System Requirements                                  .

                                   2GHZ Intel Compatible CPU
           Fast 3D Graphics card with updated OpenGL drivers
                                             128MB Video RAM

      ·Contact                                              .

           Bugs                :     ithaqua@stravaganza.org
           Comments            :        crew@stravaganza.org
           URLs                :     ithaqua.stravaganza.org

      ·Troubleshooting                                      ·

           Please run "sgz_discharger.exe -log" and send the
           log.txt to ithaqua.

      ·Additional Notes                                     ·

           Made after some vacations  to  support  the Euskal
           Party.  Rushed   and   poorly  tested / optimized.
           Expect   something   better    in    the   future.
           Greetings  to  all  our friends and to all  Euskal
           attendants.    Hopefully  we'll meet  again at the
           next party,   sorry for not being there this year!
           Also  special  greetings  to  all  our friends  we
           couldn't meet at  Breakpoint 07,  you know who you
           are,   and  to  the  Euskal  organizers for  their
           patience regarding external submissions.
           And to all spanish sceners: please keep supporting
           our scene and local parties!
     Madrid, Spain, 22-07-2007                              .
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